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So... this is what happened...

I was a member of Big Daddy Unlimited before I was an affiliate or they ever sponsored a video, which is pretty cool. If that's enough of a review you can sign up for a trial membership here lol. Since we are an affiliate, sign ups from this page do help support hard2hurt.

So I saw the Taser was way cheaper on BDU... and I bought it. You can click here to check them out for yourself. Then I held onto it for two months because I didn't want to do it, but then BDU sponsored a video. I wanted to show the Taser in the video they sponsored so I showed it to Jay. We tried to shoot a video talking about weapons against multiple attackers. I told Jay not to worry about the Taser, that I wasn't ready to do it and we were just going to shelve the idea.

But the video we made just didn't make sense with the sponsorship and I knew that when people saw the Taser in it, they would expect more out of us lol. So two days later I tried to offer Jay my share of the sponsorship if he would do it without me. After I zapped him though I couldn't sleep for two days because I knew that what I had done was not right. I called up Tim and had him come by the studio to send me for the ride as well. Support this madness by checking out our sponsor, Big Daddy Unlimited.

On top of the Taser, I have even ordered multiple firearms, magazines and accessories from them, which all arrived promptly. They even have ammo and NFA items and I'm constantly surprised by the things they have in stock. Much like when I started working with Revgear, I can recommend this site easily because I was a satisfied customer long before they ever offered me anything. I check BDU first before I order from anywhere else. Start your trial membership by clicking here.

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