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It's not $9000 anymore! I've spent over $15,000 at BDU!

The TL:DR version is that I have spent over $15,000 of my own money on Big Daddy Unlimited and saved well over $5000 dollars. Those savings were also calculated without counting any savings on ammo, as I haven't found any ammo to compare it to. I've also found quite a few things that I would not have found anywhere else. You can check the prices yourself and start your 99 cent trial by clicking here, or you can see an order by order summary below. I can't share exact prices because it is a membership site, but I've included the dates I ordered, the dates I actually received it as well as some clues as to what the price differences are, including whether they were higher or lower. These are just my first 5 months of orders... and I have since ordered more things than I can keep track of. Full Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by Big Daddy Unlimited before and I do receive a commission if you sign up using the links on this site.

Purchase 1: Ordered 9/20/20, received 9/26/20

-Taser Pulse

-(2) Glock 36 mags

The Taser was over $40 cheaper vs. Amazon. I saved the price of lunch on the Glock mags. All totaled, I saved over $60 on this order eve

Purchase 2: Ordered 10/17/20, received 10/28/20

-Oakley Standard Issue M-frame 3.0

I saved an entire tank of gas on this one vs. the price on Oakley's website.

Purchase 3: First Firearm purchase. Ordered 10/24/20, Received 11/06/20

-Angstadt Arms UDP-9

This is the first gun I have ever ordered online. The process was painless. I put the information for my FFL in a note at checkout and about 2 weeks later, it was there. This gun was over $200 cheaper than normal prices but even more importantly, stuff like this is hard to find. Watching things become available at BDU is fun. Go check for yourself here.

Purchase 4: Ordered 11/9/20, received 11/13/20

-Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport

This gun is typically not super hard to find... but it is super hard to find for a fair price. It was on the wall at the store I picked it up from for $200 more than I paid, even after shipping and the FFL fee. The guy looked pretty surprised when I told him what I paid for it. Also it came in FOUR DAYS. That is kinda crazy.

Purchase 5: Ordered 11/12/20, received 11/18/20

-(7) Glock 33 round 9mm magazines

Ok... this was a panic buy. They didn't have a lot in stock so I bought what they had left. They have since restocked these though. I saved the price of lunch on each mag... so this is lunch for a week I guess?

Purchase 6: Ordered 11/27/20, received 12/2/20 - 12/16/20 (multiple shipments)

-CRKT Chogan Tomahawk

-Desantis Sof-Tuk holster

-(2) Magpul QD Sling Mounts

-Promag Stock Set for Maverick 88 Shotgun

-5 Boxes of Wolf .223 Gold

-1 Box of Wolf .223

BDU posted on Instagram that they had ammo so I went and snagged some. I meant to order 5 of both types (the limit) but I messed that up. I can't tell you what I saved on ammo, because you can't get it anywhere else. I'm just gonna flat out tell you that the Tomahawk was $50 more expensive on Amazon, and that's when it's in stock. That's insane. This order didn't all come at once. It came in four separate shipments between 12/2 - 12/16 but I still only paid the $4.95 flat shipping deal they had going. (Normally shipping is $9.95). They occasionally have special finds and deals on shipping, so if you're in the market for something you should check it every day here.

Purchase 7: Ordered 12/10/20, received 12/13/20* (see below)

-Aimpoint Micro T-2

-Mace Triple Action Police Model

-(4) Magpul P-mags in black

-(4) Magpul P-mags in tan

-(2) Sabre Practice Sprays

This order has been a little held up. I received a notice immediately after placing it that the tan P-mags were not actually in stock and they immediately credited me back. The sprays arrived on 12/13/20 but the Aimpoint and P-mags are not yet here. The wait is worth it though, as I saved well over $100 on this order.

Update: received the Aimpoint and p-mags sometime while I was on vacation.

Purchase 8: Ordered 12/11/20, received 1/6/21

-Surefire Stiletto Pro Exclusive

-Vertx SOCP Bag

-5 Boxes of Wolf .223

This was the only order I needed by a certain time... and it took the longest. I ordered the SOCP bag to use on my vacation at Disney World but it didn't arrive in time. I saved a TON of money on it... 1/3 of the normal price (two full meals at Disney World). It didn't arrive in time, so in the future I will probably try hard not to order anything that I need by a certain time in order to save money. The Stiletto Pro was either a little more expensive or a little cheaper depending on what site you look at... but it was in an exclusive finish that you can't get anywhere else.

Purchase 9: Ordered 12/13/20, received 12/19/20

-Aimshot Boresight 9mm

-Aimshot Boresight .223

-(2) Blackhawk Sling Swivels

-Blue Force Vickers Combat Sling

-Crosman DPMS SBR bb gun

-Crosman mag

-Firefield Impulse

-Holosun HE403B-GR

-Magpul MLOK AFG

-Nordic Component MLOK QD

-Streamlight TLR-6

-Surefire E2D Defender

-Surefire Stiletto 650

Flashlights! I ordered those because I kinda wanted them... but also because I wanted to review them for the YouTube channel and they were insanely cheaper on BDU. This was my biggest order yet and I saved about 30% on this compared to prices on either Amazon or the normal places you would buy this stuff. The bb gun was only a little cheaper... but it was just cool so I got it. Maddox has been shooting his bb gun in the backyard lately and I got annoyed trying not to take it from him and shoot it myself so I got my own to "practice" with. All the small things were a few dollars cheaper, the sling and TLR-6 each were a movie ticket and popcorn cheaper than anywhere else and the two Surefire lights were EACH an entire tank of gas cheaper.

Purchase 10: Ordered 12/19/20, received 1/7/21

-5 boxes of Wolf .223

-5 boxes of Wolf .233 gold

-Blue Force Vickers Combat Sling

Snagged some ammo just because it was available and pre-apocalypse pricing... like a normal price for it... I'm still mindblown that it's there. The orders with ammo in them seem to take a little longer. I placed this order the day I got the last one mainly because I really liked the Blue Force sling and wanted another one at that price.

Purchase 11: Ordered 1/4/21, received 1/8/21

-Inforce Weapon Mounted Light

-2 Rossi RS22 Magazines

-Magpul Explorer Sunglasses

-Radian Raptor charging handle

This order came super fast. The light and magazines saved me the price of lunch for two adults. The sunglasses were a tank of gas cheaper. The charging handle was hard for me to price compare because I couldn't find it anywhere else to compare it to.

Purchase 12: Ordered 1/9/21, delivered 2/4/21

-Glock 43 Battleworn Bronze Flag Design

I didn't need this. I didn't even want this. I bought it strictly because it was almost $300 cheaper than it was from the only other site I could find it on. This is how BDU gets me in trouble... I keep hunting for deals just out of curiosity and then I feel compelled to buy them.

Purchase 13: Ordered 1/11/21, delivered 1/27/21

-Zevtech OZ9

I didn't need this either but I REALLY wanted it. I have always wanted a Zevtech pistol. This pistol was easily $200 cheaper than it would be anywhere else... not that you can find it anywhere else. The only hangup about this order was that the SKU was for a standard model while they cut and pasted the description for the covert model... I was fairly certain I was getting the standard but still, you have to watch the SKUs because the website description is wrong sometimes.

Purchase 14: Ordered 1/13/21, received 2/11/21

-10 Magpul Pmags for Glock 19

-Trijicon RMR RM06

-5 Boxes of Wolf .223

The wolf was back in stock so I went ahead and grabbed some. The RMR is for my new Zevtech... this particular model was scarce online but judging from the prices I saw I saved anywhere from 150-200 depending on where you look. The pmags were 2/3 the price of where they would be anywhere else. I made some huge savings on this order.

Purchase 15: Ordered 1/28/21, received 2/11/21

-Zevtech Shorty Grip Kit in Black

-Zevtech Shorty Grip Kit in Tan

These were each a movie ticket cheaper than they are available on Zevtech's website. I needed a compact grip for my new Zev so that it would fit in my tiny hand better and accept the 10 Glock 19 mags I just bought lol.

Purchase 16: Ordered 1/31/21, received 2/7/21

-2 Radian Raptor Charging Handles

-Taran Tactical Firepower Base Pad

-Surefire X300 Weapon Mounted Light

-Obsidian Arms AR-15 Armorer's Set

I saved a tank of gas PLUS lunch on the Surefire... huge savings. The charging handles weren't available anywhere else for me to tell  you what they were going for, but the price seemed fair. I liked the first one I got so much I ordered two more. I didn't check prices. The savings on the base pad and the armorer's set probably covered shipping.

Purchase 17: Ordered 2/2/21, received 2/7/21

-200 Rounds of Eley Club .22lr

I couldn't tell you at all what I saved because there's zero prices to compare to... but I can tell you that I would have gladly paid these prices 5 years ago. They were pretty normal prices.

Purchase 18: Ordered 2/6/21, received 2/11/21

-12 Surefire Lightium 123A batteries

-2 20 round boxes of Brown Bear .223

.223 reminded me of prices 10 years ago, the Surefire batteries were a couple bucks cheaper.

Purchase 19: Ordered 2/10/21, received 2/15/21

-1 20 round box of  Winchester Defender 9mm hollowpoints

-2 50 round boxes of CCI Blazer .22lr

These were at fair prices. To get ammo you have to check back often, but when you find it in stock it is such a good feeling.

Purchase 20: Ordered 2/10/21, received 2/15/21

-Gen 3 Glock 19

Do I need to say anymore? The price on this was... I don't know how to put this. It was nuts. I already have a Gen 3 Glock 19. I just bought this because I had to. I mean... it was there I had to buy it. In fact they have more in stock now I should go buy another.

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