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I met Chuck Liddell at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot!

TL:DR He was the fucking coolest!

First of all, huge shoutout to Big Daddy Unlimited for hosting the Epic Shoot. This is an amazing range day and showcase of firearms and tactical gear that I was able to cover for the channel. We have a bunch of content coming soon for it, but the part I can't hang onto is the fact that I got to meet The Iceman himself.

Chuck and I are represented by the same agency... which is kind of a cool sentence that I get to say sometimes, so he and I were both brought out to this event. He obviously had a ton of people coming up to him to talk and take pictures, but he stepped aside and spent a lot of time with me. We talked about all kinds of shit... knocking people out while going backwards, teaching police how to fight... it was awesome. At one point I kinda even felt like the conversation was sort of over and went to say goodbye but he stopped me and asked me what I did and what we were all about. I met a lot of people that day and he was by far the nicest and coolest.

He also grabbed me at one point while explaining something he was doing with some cops and let me tell you... the guy is a real man. I mean... I have known some tough dudes and consider myself at least halfway tough... but when Chuck Liddell grabs you, even nicely, you know it.

The Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot is sponsored by Big Daddy Unlimited, which I've covered before on this site here.


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