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Sportsman's Guide Review*

(*Sportsman's Guide is a sponsor of this channel and we receive a commission for referring customers through this page.)

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You don't have to be a member to shop at Sportsman's Guide. You can click here to go directly there and check them out.

Sportsman's Guide is a sponsor of the channel, but I am a paying member of their Buyer's Club. I have been offered sponsorship deals from several membership sites and I only accept a few, because I don't like recommending products to viewers that I myself  wouldn't pay for. The prices for member vs. non-member are listed right on the site with the items, so there's no surprises.


On the purchase of this crossbow alone I saved $26, plus free shipping and when I signed up for the buyer's club they sent me a $20 coupon code. If they have something you want, or you shop regularly for sporting goods and outdoor equipment, I think their Buyer's Club membership is definitely worth it.

Click below to go to Sportsman's Guide to support the channel and shop for outdoor gear, camping supplies, firearms, ammo and all sorts of hard2hurt type stuff.

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