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My first course is live!

Our very first online course: Front Kick Focus, is live now at

I am very excited about this. I have struggled for a long time with the idea of publishing an online course, mainly because I wanted to ensure that the user would get value from it. I wanted to put something out that I could stand behind. We began working on a different course that incorporated the front kick, and I went so deep on the front kick itself, I realized that the front kick WAS the course. I placed the rest of the course on hold and put together all the advanced stuff that I knew on this kick.

Front Kick Focus is an intermediate to advanced course, and mostly assumes you already have some style of front kick, whether that is a teep or snap. For the majority of the course we utilize a sort of halfway point between the two, using what we affectionately call "The Stab Kick."

There are some long from tutorials in it on specific footwork and strategy but also plenty of the short form "sparring tricks" that you typically see in courses. This is not a stand-up special or a collection of "hard2hurt" style YouTube videos. This is taught how I would teach a seminar full of fighters and martial artists how to incorporate their front kick so it is a little more dry and a little more serious... but I am extremely proud of what we have done for our first course. After you check the course out, make sure you hit me up and give me some feedback... I would love to talk about it with you.


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