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People actually made this!

I made a double end bag using a soccer ball and some duct tape years ago. I was only working part time and had zero budget for equipment but I really wanted a double end bag. It worked really well. When we opened the studio I obviously couldn't put that up there, so I bought the Ringside. When I saw how difficult it was to get home gym equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought maybe this would provide value to somebody so I ripped the thing apart and built it again.

I have lost track, but at least 50 people have tagged me on Instagram or sent me pictures of the ones they made. People that weren't training started training. It was glorious. I had actually planned to do more fitness tips and equipment recommendations for home gyms before all this happened... and I was kicking myself for missing the opportunity to be out ahead of it... but the fact that this connected me with so many viewers in a very real, meaningful way is infinitely more value than analytics and affiliate marketing.


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